Mixed Messages.jpg

Mixed Messages: Thursday, August 15th

Aw dang. What’s more universal than feeling confused about the meaning of things, you know? People being unclear, inferring tone into a text, your own brain giving you mixed messages...life is hard. Clear communication is harder. Come hear some stories of people dealing with those awkward moments.

hail to whatever.jpg

Hail To Whatever: Thursday, Sept. 12th

We all fervently and enthusiastically subscribe to some set of beliefs, values...something. Different things make our hearts beat faster, goosebumps raise up on the backs our necks, and our bellies flutter with... whatever it is that makes bellies flutter. What gets you all riled up? Come see if it’s the same thing as other people. Hail to whatever, pal.

the devil you know.jpg

The Devil You Know: Thursday, October 10th

It’s October and I wanted the theme to include “the devil” and this is what happened. But you could also think the comfort of predictable things vs the anxiety of the unknown, or whatever lofty idea instead. Either way, you should come to the show. The devil is cool. Let’s talk about it.