Welcome to Telltale!

We are a monthly curated storytelling night for folks that want to get vulnerable and take no shit. We are community focused, always looking to hear a story from someone else’s life, and excited to make new connections.

After the “election”, (you know the one. . .) it felt really easy to be mad all the time. To be fair, there’s still a lot to be mad at. But while being mad can get you all fired up, it doesn’t do much to change anything, and just makes most of us tired all the time. We all need something to love, something that fills us back up after everything else empties us out. So since we couldn’t find anything that suited our needs—we decided to make something. So we made Telltale. It’s a badass group of folks of varying skill levels getting up on a damn stage to say honest things in a time when honesty is surprisingly a gray area for a lot of people. When it started, it felt like a bit of an experiment, and it has swiftly taken on a life of it’s own. It has been so very cool to watch it become a real thing! All sorts of people are willing to come out to the show and share their hearts with us and that is AWESOME. We feel so lucky and grateful, every time. It’s hard to leave the house and be in public sometimes, and the fact that you decide to spend your night at our event. RAD. You’re the best.

At a Telltale event, you can expect about 8-10 performers sharing some sort of story with you, with an intermission halfway through. There might be comedy, dance, an essay, poetry, a story—who knows. There’s a bar, a pizza cafe, merch to buy, and usually good music playing before and after the show. We are anti-oppression, and pro YOU.

Please come out to the show. It would be so much better if you were there too.

Thank you so much to everyone who goes to the shows, performs, loans me equipment, runs the door, tells their friend about the show, takes pictures, shares the event with their in-laws, puts a sticker on their water bottle, or invites their barista.

Special Thanks to:

Mandi for all the graphic design work
Metrovial for running the sound and using Saturdays to make this website
JR for making the best pizza around
Brandon for basically being the best all the time
Chitra for sticker art
Corinn and Illya of Chapel Theatre for hosting us and running the bar. Tip them. Obviously.
Kirsten for running the door like a god damned champ
Dug for all the behind the scenes work

And anyone who has ever given us raffle items to give away. Asking for raffle items is the worst. You’re the real heroes. (So if you’re reading this and happen to have something you’d want to raffle off)